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Editorial Of The Day

From the Tampa Bay Times:
A federal appeals court in Atlanta ruled on the right side of history by refusing to extend a ban on gay marriage in Florida. The ruling upholds the dignity of every human being regardless of sexual orientation, and it protects the American right to privacy by limiting the government's reach into everyday life. Attorney General Pam Bondi should embrace these same solid values and quit wasting Florida's money and tarnishing its reputation by continuing to stand in the way. Bondi's spokeswoman said Thursday the office is reviewing the order, but it is time to let this go. The state should have heeded the federal court's call for justice — not challenged it, which only drags out the day until committed couples can get on with their lives. A further appeal of Hinkle's stay would have the warped effect of making the winners in this legal battle the losers. That's gone on long enough. There is no reason to wait for the U.S. Supreme Court, as Bondi has proposed. It remains unclear whether the Supreme Court will act, although it has sent conflicting signals. Bondi should drop the state's appeal and allow Floridians to get on with their lives. The new year should bring a new opportunity for gay couples to enjoy the full freedoms to which all Americans are entitled.

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