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FRC Issues Year-End Money Beg

"FRC needs, and we absolutely appreciate, your support at this very crucial moment in U.S. history. If you have not yet given, then I ask you to please do so. Making our goal is absolutely critical. As you know, this year there was an eruption of attacks on everything you and I hold dear. The Left proclaimed themselves 'on the right side of history.' They labeled you, your church, and believers across America as bigots. A prominent New York Times journalist told his Twitter followers, 'we need to stamp them out, ruthlessly'—referring to the pro-marriage beliefs that you and I hold. Radical officeholders demanded pastors hand over sermons for government inspection, perform same-sex 'marriages,' and a state demanded that employers, including churches and ministries, provide abortion coverage.

"President Obama and federal judges ordered Christians to deny their faith or face harsh—often crippling—financial or legal consequences. Yet DESPITE THE HATE, the lawless attacks, the manipulation, it is our cause—and not the Left—that is ending the year with the momentum and poised to move forward. For this, we can thank God. And we can also take heart. 2015 will be a decisive year. FRC has an unprecedented opportunity to shape the political agenda on Capitol Hill and nationally at the grassroots. If we make our budget goal, we can maximize our educational efforts with members of Congress—including the newly elected members about to be sworn in the next week and a half—for the cause of faith, family and freedom.  FRC needs to finish 2014 financially at full strength. We absolutely need to complete our $3.2 million goal by the December 31 deadline. So please give your year-end donation now." - Hate group leader Tony Perkins, via email.

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