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FRC: Keep Gay Blood Ban

Via press release:
The FDA created the rule -- not out of prejudice, but precaution. Now, a growing chorus of liberals is insisting that federal agencies should ignore the risks so that homosexuals feel “more accepted” in society. In other words, the Left is willing to taint the U.S. blood banks to make a political point. If the FDA wants to protect people’s health, it has to be selective. The government can’t afford to contaminate the blood supply just to validate people’s risky sexual behavior. Not to mention, Peter points out, that the very small size of the LGBT population (2.3% according to this year’s CDC survey) means that any potential benefits to the blood bank would be “marginal.” In fact, the only thing they would add with 100% certainty is liability. Yet every year, the government wastes taxpayers’ time and money debating what is nothing but a naked push to normalize and celebrate homosexual behavior. The blood donation policy doesn’t exist to serve a political agenda -- and it shouldn’t be changed to advance one. Even if the new screening can detect virtually all tainted blood, no test is completely safe. And the government shouldn’t be willing to risk America’s blood supply to prove it.

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