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He's Not Sir David Furnish

Sir Elton John married his partner of 21 years last week, but unlike the spouses of straight male Brits with a royally-bestowed title, David Furnish did not gain a courtesy title. Via Pink News:
When a man with a title marries a woman, his wife automatically receives a female courtesy title – meaning that if he had married a woman, Sir Elton’s wife would be Lady John. However, as the honours system was not updated to reflect the changes to the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) law, Mr Furnish is not able to use a title – and will remain Mr Furnish. The Equality (Titles) Bill 2013 attempted to change the rules – which also deny titles to male spouses of women with honours – but the legislation did not progress. The law was changed, however, to ensure that gay men could not become Queen or Princess of Wales by marrying a future King or Prince of Wales.

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