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IRELAND: Activist Panti Bliss Honored With Person Of The Year Award

Via Pink News:
Irish drag queen activist Panti Bliss has picked up a Person of the Year award. Drag artist Panti Bliss, played by Rory O’Neill, caused controversy in January this year when she labelled Catholic lobbying group the Iona Institute ‘homophobes’ on an Irish talk show, prompting state broadcaster RTE to award a payout of over €85,000 (£70,000) to the group and associated journalists. After the controversy, a heartwarming speech that Panti gave about the oppression that gay people face went viral online, and was even sampled as part of a Pet Shop Boys track.
About the awards:
Now in its 40th year, the People of the Year Awards are not just the primary awards event in Ireland, they are also among the longest-running. They are widely recognised as one of the highest accolades a person can receive in this country. Based on nominations received from members of the public, the People of the Year Awards give public recognition of the achievement of those who, in their own way, have made such a positive impact on Irish society. The Awards recognise a unique range of people - from unsung heroes who have quietly made a difference and enhanced the lives of others in communities, to the household names who have made a real difference to people’s lives on a national and international level.
If you haven't seen Panti's now legendary speech, watch it here. (Tipped by JMG reader Gerard)

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