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KANSAS: "Religious Freedom" Bill Is Back

A bill that would make it legal to discriminate against LGBT citizens might be resurrected in the Kansas legislature. 
Some religious leaders in Kansas are asking lawmakers to bring back House Bill 2453 this legislative session. Also known as the "religious freedom bill", HB 2453 says it protects businesses, clergy and some government workers from having to provide services for homosexual weddings. "This is an ongoing conversation. We're working on the best way to protect Kansan's first amendment rights," says Rep. Steve Brunk of Wichita. HB 2453 passed the House earlier this year, but it died in the Senate. Now leaders on both sides of the polarizing issue are offering different takes on what the passage of a bill like this would mean. Thomas Witt, with Equality Kansas, says the legislature was right to strike the bill down before coming law. "What it would do is enshrine discrimination and bigotry into Kansas law," says Witt.
The renewed push for the bill is being spearheaded by Pastor Terry Fox of Wichita's Summit Church.

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