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STUDY: Gays Less Likely To Divorce

Via Pink News:
Same-sex couples are more likely to have stable, long-lasting relationships than straight couples, according to a new study. Statistical research conducted by the Williams Institute at the University of California looked at data on the break-up of same-sex marriages and partnerships in New Hampshire, Vermont, California, DC, New Jersey, Washington and Wisconsin. The data showed that in New Hampshire and Vermont, 5.4% and 3.6% of marriages were terminated across the first four years of marriage equality. While these numbers seems high, it corresponds to an annual relationship termination rate of 1.1% – which is just over half the comparable mixed-sex divorce rate of 2%.
The study notes that in states that had already legalized same-sex marriage, the rate of gay nuptials increased after the demise of DOMA.

UPDATE: JMG reader Chris notes that the Washington Post has an issue with the study's methodology.

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