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TEXAS: AG-Elect Signs Letter Opposing LGBT Rights Ordinance In Plano

Texas Attorney General-elect Ken Paxton has signed an open letter to Plano city officials, demanding that they table a proposed LGBT rights ordinance. From the letter:
Honorable Mayor and City Council: As members of the Plano delegation to the Texas legislature and the Collin County Commissioners Court, we are appealing to you to postpone any vote relating to an ordinance to amend Section 2-11 relating to the adoption of a policy based on protected characteristics. We do not believe there has been adequate time for the public and community leaders to be a part of the discussion of such a major, wide sweeping change in law and policy for Plano. As husbands and wives with children, we have concerns that your sexual orientation and transgender ordinance may place women and children at risk and does not consider the moral or religious beliefs of Plano citizens or vendors who do business with the city.
The letter goes on to cite nine ways the bill will repress Christians, including the fabled "men in the ladies room" voodoo. The bill is also opposed, of course, by Texas Values crackpot Jonathan Saenz, whose ex-wife left him for another woman. The virulently anti-gay Plano-based Liberty Institute is threatening to sue should the ordinance be adopted. The Plano City Council meets tonight to consider the bill and local Christian groups are calling on their supporters to pack the chamber. I will post a live-stream if one is available.
RELATED: Similar local ordinances already exist in the Texas cities of Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Brownsville, El Paso, and Waco. The ninth most-populous city in Texas with nearly 300K residents, Plano is home to the corporate headquarters of JC Penney, Frito-Lay, Toyota Motors USA, and Yum Brands - the parent company of Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, and KFC.

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