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TEXAS: Pastors Unite In Campaign To Repeal Plano's LGBT Rights Ordinance

A coalition of the Texas pastors has launched a website in support of the campaign to place a repeal of Plano's LGBT rights ordinance to a public vote.
Under Plano's new "Equal Rights Ordinance" (ERO) anything any business owner or employee says or does to another person regarding the person's gender, sexuality, or "identity" may be a CRIME. Plano now CRIMINALIZES Christians', Jews', Muslims', and others' beliefs about men and women. City bureaucrats will determine whether citizens' statements and actions are "unjust". This policy subjects citizens to CRIMINAL SANCTIONS for our beliefs on topics affecting much of human interaction and is a direct threat to our freedoms of both speech and religion! Help us repeal this ordinance by adding your signature to the petition.
As I noted on the day after the ordinance's passage, Plano's bill is one of the weakest bits of LGBT rights protections we've yet seen. The ordinance contains major loopholes for Christian business owners and no added protections for trans citizens at all. But even this tepid bill is too much for local haters.

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