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Tony Perkins: DC Banned "Ex-Gay" Torture To Further Recruiting Of LGBT Youth

"In Washington, D.C., destructive behavior isn’t just encouraged -- efforts to stop it are punished! If kids are looking for a way out of their same-sex attractions, they’ll have to start outside of the nation’s capital. Under a measure just passed by the D.C. Council, counselors can lose their license just for offering the kind of therapy these children seek. Like California and New Jersey, the District is radically opposed to helping young people shake the unwanted sexual feelings they have for members of the same sex. The fact that children are seeking this help doesn’t seem to matter to D.C., which is intent on locking kids into a lifestyle with devastating health, emotional, and societal consequences. Instead, the District wants to make it an offense to help children come to grips with their natural biology -- opening a frightening chapter in the liberal recruiting of LGBTs." - Hate group leader Tony Perkins, in a press release that goes on to call on Congress to block the law's enactment.

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