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WND: Christians Should Be Warning Gays About Their Disease-Ridden Deathstyle

"How and why have we allowed the so-called 'gay' community to fool us into thinking we should 'celebrate' their deathstyle when – in their own interest – we should be warning everyone of the medical risks of the extreme promiscuity that is the custom among them? And why are some states allowing them to “marry” when the probability that the “marriage” will last for more than a few weeks or months is vanishingly different from zero? And why, oh why, do a few nations allow them to adopt and bring up children? Do we not care more for our innocent little ones than that? Let us hope that Councillor Crestani’s gallant stand against the nihilistic, totalitarian left, which has all but succeeded in preventing the well-referenced, scientific facts in her remarkable resolution from appearing anywhere, will stir the conscience of a slumbering world and remind it that no amount of tyrannical bullying should ever be allowed to silence the freedom of speech that is our best guarantee that, one day, morality will again prevail." - World Net Daily columnist Christopher Monckton, again backing an Australian politician who has introduced a bill that would ban the government from mentioning LGBT-related issues. Last week Monckton claimed that some gay men have 20,000 sexual partners in their "short miserable lives."

RELATED: In 2011 Britain's House Of Lords sent Monckton a cease-and-desist letter demanding that he stop claiming to be a member of that chamber. In addition to writing for WND, Monckton has represented himself as a member of the House Of Lords in letters to the US Senate. He was an advisor to the Thatcher administration and is the former UKIP Scotland leader.

UPDATE: You have got to read this fascinating account of Monckton's many, many lies and outrageous claims, including that he has found the cure for HIV.

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