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BarbWire's Gina Miller: Trans Teen Leelah Alcorn Was Possessed By Demons

"'Transgenderism' is a deeply disturbing mental and spiritual sickness. Any person who believes he is the opposite sex has serious problems, and society’s rightful disapproval is the least of them. Not everyone will like to hear this, but demon possession certainly plays a part in homosexuality and 'transgenderism.' In the Bible, we see that demon possession was commonly acknowledged and understood to be prevalent, but the knowledge of it has been largely lost or buried today, as if our 'modern' culture is too 'smart' to give credence to the reality of spiritual forces at work in people today, just as they were then. We often read that some who are homosexual or 'transgender' have believed this since they were children. Demons do not spare children any more than adults." - Gina Miller, writing for Matt Barber's site.

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