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CINCINNATI: Community Rallies In Memory Of Ohio Trans Teen Leelah Alcorn

JMG reader Andy writes:
My partner and I live in Northern Kentucky in the greater Cincinnati area and attended Leelah's vigil at the Woodward Theater in Cincinnati's Over-the-Rhine neighborhood last night.  There were approximately 600 persons attending the vigil last night in the theater, both on the floor and in the balcony. In attendance were many of the Cincinnati LGBT community, parents and family of area Trans youth, representatives from local organizations supporting Trans persons (both religious and non-religious), City councilman Chris Seelbach and a representative from the Mayor's office, and the LGBT liaison to the Cincinnati Police Department, Angela Vance.
Andy captions the photo above: "MUSE Cincinnati Women's Choir forming a protective circle around the young transgendered persons in attendance during their musical performance, which was one of the most touching moments of the evening."

The event's primary sponsor was Heartland Trans Wellness Group, with co-sponsorship from the Trevor Project, PFLAG, HRC, Diverse City Youth Chorus, GLSEN Greater Cincinnati, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Transgender Clinic, Bound by Truth and Love Ministries, and Trans-Saints Ministry.

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