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Dallas Gets "Ex-Gay" Billboard

"Ex-gay" crackpot David Pickup (real name!) has posted the above billboard in the Dallas area. Zack Ford reports at Think Progress:
ThinkProgress spoke with Terry Kafka, president of Impact Outdoor Advertising, the small Dallas billboard company that is hosting the ad. Kafka explained that they had been convinced the ad was for couples therapy, having never heard the term “reparative therapy” before. He described the true content of the ad as “repulsive to me personally,” promising that the ad would be coming down by next week at the latest. “If we had known, we wouldn’t have put it up in the first place.” A billboard ad promoting ex-gay therapy similarly caused controversy in Virginia last month. That ad, posted by the ex-gay organization PFOX, asserted, “We believe twins research studies show nobody is born gay,” featuring two different pictures of the same model, who is not only not a twin but is also openly gay. Though Lamar, a national billboard company, agreed to keep that ad in place, Kafka promised, “There’s no way you’d ever see one of those on our billboards.”
RELATED: Last year SCOTUS rejected the Liberty Counsel's attempt to repeal California's ban on "ex-gay" torture in an appeal filed on the behalf of Pickup and NARTH. In years past Pickup has run a degayifying program called The WorkOUT in which he urges participants to "go deep into their manhood." Ahem.

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