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FRC Attacks SPLC (Again)

Via press release from the Family Research Council:
Last Friday, U.S. District Court Judge Callie Granade issued a ruling in Searcy v. Strange holding that Alabama's marriage amendment was unconstitutional. Even though the SPLC did not represent the plaintiffs it issued a press release trumpeting the decision: "This historic ruling is a giant step toward full equality for LGBT people in Alabama and does not harm anyone."  It turns out that the SPLC is trying to overturn Alabama's male-female definition of marriage in another case, Hard v. Bentley, in which it does represent the plaintiff.

The crucial point here is for the American news media. The SPLC should not be allowed to play in the game and then be the umpire behind home plate. Yet, the press has overlooked SPLC's playing both roles in the same-sex marriage debate. The SPLC is clearly committed to a full-blown LGBT agenda. They have a right to do that. However, they should not then be permitted to defame their opponents for political advantage in an underhanded effort to fix, define, and destroy their opposition. The press needs to wise up here and recognize the SPLC's hate list for what it is -- a political weapon designed to give them what the truth does not -- an advantage.
Like most anti-gay organizations, the FRC alternates between calling their hate group designation a "badge of honor" and screaming about how insulted they are about their hate group designation.

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