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Harlem Hate Pastor: George H.W. Bush Has Had Anal Sex With One Hundred Men

"Did you know that Skull & Bones, which is a major fraternal organization run out of Yale University, which Poppa Bush - George Bush - were all part of and many who are now part of the 620 billionaires and global and world leaders - the Conference On Foreign Relations - people who are making decisions in media and education and politics worldwide - have come through the Skull & Bones process. For the most part, in the initiation you lie in a casket and then members of the Skull & Bones on campus at the time will walk past the casket and urinate on you and defecate on you. You are also then expected to have anal sex - any member of Skull & Bones - you'll have to have - they'll have to insert their penis into your anus. George Bush had over 100 men insert their penis in his anus. Poppa Bush - old man Bush - the CIA chief - had over 100 men insert their penis into his anus. And every other member of Skull & Bones, this hideous group of the New World Order, has had - at least 100 times - a penis injected into their anus in order to be received and become a member of this elitist fraternal group called Skull & Bones. That is documented historical proof, you can check it out with Alex Jones." - Pastor James David Manning, "the sodomite slayer."

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