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ITALY: Rome Approves Civil Unions

"At last Rome has adopted a register of civil unions. It is a long-awaited result which puts our city more and more in the forefront of the rights of individuals and the recognition of emotional ties, stable and durable. Today the capital of Italy gives the signal that, in this city, love is the same for everyone. So I want to express my satisfaction with this important step, which is not only an act of civility and respect for people, but aligns us to the rest of the Western world, in line with the main European countries with whom we share our history and cultural politics. The important discussion conducted by the Capitoline, which involved both the majority and the opposition, gave the city a measure that recognizes the rights of all its citizens, without exception.

"So I thank all the councilors and the councilors who voted for the registry, but also all those who have worked to make this historic milestone. I can not overemphasize also the symbolic value of the measure. Many Italian administrations, today, expect a national law that finally enshrines equal rights for all. Rome, by this example, hopes to help unlock the hesitations of legislators who, for too many years now, evading a full recognition of the legal and civil rights of all couples, regardless of their sexual orientation." - Rome Mayor Ignazio Marino, announcing the passage of civil unions today. [Via Google Translate] (Tipped by JMG reader Andrea)

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