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Kentucky Pol Introduces Bill: Catch Trans Person In "Wrong" Restroom, Win $2500

GOP Kentucky Senator C.B. Embry has introduced a bill authorizing students to sue their schools for $2500 each time they encounter a trans person using the "wrong" restroom, locker room, or shower.
“Parents have a reasonable expectation that schools will not allow minor children to be viewed in various states of undress by members of the opposite biological sex, nor allow minor children to view members of the opposite sex in various states of undress,” the bill states. If a school administrator allowed a transgender student to use a facility designated for the opposite sex or if a school “failed to take reasonable steps to prohibit the person encountered from using from facilities designated for use by the opposite biological sex,” students would be allowed to sue the school, according to the bill. Aggrieved students could seek up to $2,500 in damages from the offending school for each time they encountered a person of the opposite sex in school facilities, as well as “for all psychological, emotional and physical harm suffered,” according to the bill’s language. The offending school, the bill notes, would be required to pay the attorney fees and costs associated with the claim.
Embry openly admits that he wrote the bill for the Family Foundation of Kentucky. He adds that might have to change the language of the bill in order to keep students from "staging incidents to win money." Embry claims that his gay friend supports the bill. (Tipped by JMG reader Matthew)

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