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REPORT: Bryan Fischer Has Been FIRED By The American Family Association

Rachel Maddow teased the scoop a couple of hours ago and just announced that Bryan Fischer has been motherfucking fired by the American Family Association. We'll all have to wonder what the final straw was, but this was at least part of it. There will be much speculation over the next few days. I'm betting that it didn't have to do with his anti-gay rants. I'm also betting there will still be screams of gaystapo! Homofascism! Whee!

UPDATE: This clip likely won't last on YouTube, but here's the first rip of tonight's report by Rachel Maddow. I'll replace this clip when it appears on MSNBC's site.

UPDATE II: A slightly longer but yet not-embeddable clip is now up on MSNBC.

UPDATE III: Fischer just tweeted this.

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