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TEXAS: Fort Worth To Extend Same-Sex Spousal Benefits To City Employees

Via Fort Worth's CBS affiliate:
Fort Worth police Cpl. Tracey Knight, it is a life-changing decision. "When I got the news last night," she said, pausing, tears in her eyes... "When I got the news last night, it was very emotional." The news that has Knight, all choked up came from a memo sent Wednesday to all Fort Worth city employees. It says starting February 1, the city will extend spousal pension benefits to all legally-married same-sex couples. It's a decision the city says makes sense. "I told my wife and we burst into tears," said Knight, who serves as the department's LGBT liaison. "We're like any other family. And God forbid if I'm ever killed in the line of duty, I want her and our child to be taken care of." It has been a journey for the city, gaining back the trust of the LGBT community after the widely-publicized 2009 police raid on a gay bar, the Rainbow Lounge. "I'm proud to say that as a result of that incident, many many good things have come out of it," Knight said.
Stand by for the screaming from Texas Values. By the way, Fort Worth already has one of them there liberty-destroying LGBT rights ordinances like the one under fire in Houston.

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