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ARKANSAS: Brother Of Anti-Gay State Rep Comes Out Against LGBT Rights Ban

Last week the Arkansas legislature approved a bill that would ban any municipality from enacting an LGBT rights ordinance. Gov. Asa Hutchinson has said that he will allow the bill the become law without his signature, prompting a social media campaign urging him to issue a veto. The gay brother of state Rep. Charlie Collins yesterday posted a public letter denouncing him for supporting the bill. An excerpt:
I think it’s also important to note that while my brother spoke in support of the Repeal 119 group in November and actively campaigned as one of Fayetteville’s state representatives in December he was simultaneously coordinating a visit with my lesbian sister to host, assist and tour his daughter around Seattle where my niece was being interviewed for an entry-level position by a top Fortune 100 company at which my sister works, and incidentally, receives the company’s legal protections and benefits for herself, her wife and their two boys. These are the same types of anti-discrimination policies my brother campaigned to repeal.

My niece is a tremendous young lady. She’s a bright and accomplished student who earned her interview on the strength of her own skills and talents. However, I think it’s inconsiderate, hypocritical and rude for Charlie to accept the assistance of my sister, who has been out as a lesbian in the business community for more than 25 years, while at the very same time undermining the types of protections and benefits she and her family enjoy. Thanks in part to his effort if she lived and worked in Fayetteville, and soon possibly all of Arkansas, she might not have a job, and if she did, her wife and their two boys would not have the benefits and protections they have today.
Hit the link and read the full letter.

UPDATE: Don Collins has joined the comments thread and notes that he's been a daily JMG reader for five years.

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