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Bryan Fischer: The AFA's "Bigotry Map" Has Made Right Wing Watch Apoplectic

Kyle Mantyla writes at Right Wing Watch:
The usefulness of the AFA's map is debatable, since is seems to just blindly designate every gay, secular, atheist, or humanist group as a bigoted anti-Christian organization without providing any actual evidence to support such a designation. Nonetheless, the AFA's Bryan Fischer thinks the new map is a game-changer, crowing in a typically clueless fashion on his radio program today that the key difference between the SPLC designating the AFA as a hate group and the AFA labeling everyone else as anti-Christian bigots is that the allegation that the AFA is a hate group is false while the AFA's designation is true. "They falsely accuse of us hate," he cogently explained, "but we accurately and truly accuse these groups of anti-Christian bigotry."
RWW did take note of the map earlier today, but as you can see, they merely shrugged it off as nonsense. So much for their apoplexy.

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