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CPAC Bans Log Cabin Republicans

"The American Conservative Union has the right to invite or not invite whoever they want to the Conservative Political Action Conference, but they should be honest about the reasons why. The ACU is fond of hiding behind a fig leaf stating gay people are welcome as guests, but the ability to buy a ticket to CPAC was never what our debate was about; indeed, I will be attending CPAC, as will hundreds of other Log Cabin Republicans members and supporters. Make no mistake: LCR is actively being prohibited from sponsoring CPAC.

"For our organization, this has always been about contributing to CPAC as sponsors or in some recognized capacity. Time and again, when we showed the ACU that we met the criteria for sponsorship, the reasons for our exclusion changed. The only conclusion that can be made is that the organizers of CPAC do not feel gay people can be conservative - a position opposed by the thousands of Millennial CPAC attendees who have been asking Log Cabin Republicans for months if we would be participating at this year's event. We owed it to them to explain why we are not." - Log Cabin Republicans head Gregory Angelo, via email.

Angelo's email goes on to tick off on a long list of positions which align with the goals of CPAC. Top on that list is the repeal of Obamacare. The on-again off-again inclusion of homocon groups has long roiled CPAC and caused very entertaining infighting among its participants. Last year the now-defunct GOProud was allowed to attend after two years of being banned, but were prohibited from purchasing booth space.

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