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DUBAI: 80-Story Tower Is On Fire

The fifth-tallest residential building on the world is on fire in Dubai at this writing. The 80-story building is called the Marina Torch and was completed in 2011. Daytime photos of the building are here. Gulf News reports:
People being rescued from the tower with smoke inhalation injuries. A resident said the fire alarm went off at 2.05am. "There have been three fire alarms every week recently and all were false. This time I heard it and said it must be false. But then I smelt smoke. I took my wallet and ran down along with my wife. We live on the 59th floor." Thousands of people have been evacuated and the fire is getting worse, according to witnesses. Chunks of masonry on fire are falling. The fire seems to have started about level 51. High winds are causing the fire to spread rapidly, says a witness.

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