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History is often not kind to the state of Alabama when it judges our performance on the national stage. On Monday, we all have the chance to get one right. The history of Feb. 9, 2015, in Alabama has yet to be written, but this we know: on this day, same-sex marriage becomes legal in Alabama. Same-sex couples, no doubt, will arrive at courthouses statewide to apply for marriage licenses. It will be a day of celebration for some, a disappointing, even fearful day for others. Monday will also be a day to show patience. This process is new for all involved and employees in counties throughout the state are being asked to do things they've not done before. There will be bumps in the road and mistakes will be made. How we handle those mistakes will be what ultimately ensures fairness for all. It is unreasonable to ask people to turn their back on deeply-held beliefs regarding marriage. This does not give us an excuse, however, to abandon other deeply-held convictions regarding how we treat our neighbors.

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