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Keith Haring Died 25 Years Ago Today

Famed artist Keith Haring died 25 years ago today. And this just happened in Australia:
Vandals have desecrated a heritage-protected mural in Melbourne’s north. Australia’s only surviving mural by world-renowned artist Keith Haring has been seemingly untouched for more than 30 years. But on Saturday, Collingwood locals found it covered in black graffiti, the name “Keith Renks” scribbled along with a love heart. Haring, an American artist and social activist known for his political work the world over, died in 1990 after contracting AIDS. During a fleeting visit to Melbourne in 1984, he painted the mural on the wall of the then Collingwood Technical College — it’s one of just 31 known murals by Haring worldwide. The mural was added to the Victorian Heritage Register in 2004. Just 18 months ago, it was unveiled to the public after being restored to its former glory by Arts Victoria.
The above print hangs in the NYC LGBT Community Center where you'll also find Haring's famed Once Upon A Time mural in one of the restrooms. In the clip below, watch Haring create a towering 30-foot dress for Grace Jones.

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