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MASSACHUSETTS: Coast Guardsman Held In Fatal Attack On Lesbian Couple

Via the New York Daily News:
Armed to the teeth, Coast Guardsman Adrian Loya stormed the Massachusetts home of two lesbian colleagues and opened fire because he was obsessed with one of the women, authorities said. Coast Guard Petty Officer Lisa Trubnikova (above right) died at the scene of Thursday's bloody rampage in Cape Cod. Her wife, Anna Trubnikova, also a petty officer, remains hospitalized with severe injuries. Bourne Police Officer Jared MacDonald, who was shot in the back, below his flack vest, is also hospitalized. Relatives told the Boston Globe that Loya had been pursuing Lisa Trubnikova for years, beginning when all three were stationed in Alaska. "He became obsessed," one family member told the paper. "He was fixated on her." Loya, who lived in Virginia, is believed to have driven to Massachusetts earlier in the week and rented a motel room near the couple's condo complex.

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