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Obama Gets Goofy For Buzzfeed

Via the Washington Post:
The #Millennial-friendly Web site BuzzFeed has taken over for Zach Galifianakis as the White House's preferred video venue for encouraging young people to sign up for health insurance. You remember the Galifianakis video, of course; Obama's self-deprecating appearance on the fake interview show last year was credited with a big boost in traffic (however short-lived) to In 2015, it's BuzzFeed, with this number. Again, self-deprecating. And actually more so; last year the target of the jokes was mostly Galifianakis. Here it's just Obama being a weirdo. You know, just like us, or whatever. Someone somewhere -- someone who already doesn't like Obama -- is going to isolate some part of this as perfectly encapsulating How Obama is Diminishing the Presidency, just as he did in his Glozell interview and just as he did with Galifianakis and just as every presidency in the modern media era has done in some way, according to his opponents.

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