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One Million Moms Vs Sports Illustrated

Just in via email:
The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue is nothing but soft p-rn and most closely resembles Pl-yboy magazine than resembling an issue about swimming attire. This soft core p-rnography is displayed in many family stores, often at checkout counters which is offensive, disgusting, and disrespectful to families. This type of publishing is also extremely degrading to women. Families should be able to enter supermarkets, convenience and drug stores without being subjected to indecency. Since Sports Illustrated is pushing p-rnography, this magazine needs to be removed from stores immediately. Not only should Sports Illustrated be ashamed, but so should the stores that carry this filthy magazine. Why would a store risk hurting their reputation of being a family-friendly store by being associated with this dishonorable publication?
The email goes on to tell OMM supporters to pull a copy of the magazine from its rack and take it to a store manager with the promise that they'll never come back if they see future issues of Sports Illustrated on display.

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