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SLOVAKIA: Low Voter Turnout Raises Hope That Anti-Gay Referendum Will Fail

Sources on Twitter are reporting a low voter turnout in some parts of Slovakia today, where a referendum backed by Pope Francis and multiple US-based Christian groups (list here) could affirm the already existing ban on same-sex marriage and forbid same-sex couples from adopting. According to the above Twitter user, some regions are reporting a 10% turnout so far, but at least one is claiming to have already met the 50% threshold. Per Slovak law, at least 50% of the country's 4.4M registered voters must cast a ballot for the bills to become enacted. The polls close at 4PM NYC time and official results are not expected until tomorrow. The referendum is costing Slovakia €6.3M and was forced by a petition campaign by the Catholic Church-affiliated Alliance For Family.

UPDATE: The polls are closing and we may get preliminary forecasts today. Stand by.

UPDATE II: In the comments, JMG reader Dave shares this ad in support of today's vote.

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