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Tony Perkins Slams Obama On Marriage Evolution Story Told By David Axelrod

"It's a good thing President Obama doesn't work for NBC -- or else he might have been suspended for lying too! Like the NBC's Brian Williams, voters would have a difficult time narrowing down all the untruths to one. This President has told so many whoppers that Burger King should name a sandwich after him! David Axelrod, a former political advisor, spilled the beans about one of the President's most unconvincing fibs in his new book, Believer. Unfortunately, this President hasn't exactly staked his legacy on honesty. From Benghazi, taxpayer-funded abortion, and ObamaCare to Fast and Furious, religious liberty, and executive authority, it's become more difficult to find instances when the President has told the truth. Fortunately for FRC and a majority of conservatives, we never believed in evolution anyway!" - Hate group leader Tony Perkins, via email.

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