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TRAILER: Poltergeist

I09 weighs in:
Here it is, the first-ever trailer for the rebooted horror classic Poltergeist. And, um, it looks pretty good. There's a lot of original movie recreation and new spin, but this trailer (for the most part) is scary and has charm. That being said, this trailer is cut together fast and relies heavily on jump scares. That ALSO being said, you can see a lot of touchstones here that we're enjoying that also imply non-jump scare freak outs. For example in foreign trailer (below) we see Sam Rockwell hacking up worms and blood into the sink, which is clearly an homage to the face-ripping off scene from the original.
In this version the Tangina character immortalized by late LGBT advocate Zelda Rubenstein is played by a man. I wonder if the new kids were told about the Poltergeist curse.

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