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Barney Frank: LGBT Folks Are Beating Prejudice Because They Stopped Hiding

Former Rep. Barney Frank was on Meet The Press yesterday where he said this:
“Well, I tell you, our reality as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender people beat the prejudice. I mean, the central mechanism is that we stopped hiding. And it turns out we weren't what the stereotype was. But clearly, there was a point when the notion that I could get married to Jim while I was still in Congress would've been the most bizarre possibility. I remember the time I got married, someone said, 'Well, would it be controversial if you got married while you were still in Congress?' And the answer was, yes it was. A lot of my colleagues were mad that they didn't get invited. So our reality is that. On the other side, I think the fundamental issue, and it does go back to a Clinton campaign statement, "It's the economy, stupid."”

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