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Ben Carson: Obama Is A Psychopath

GQ Magazine today published a profile of Ben Carson. Here's the bit making gleeful headlines across Teabagistan:
On the night earlier this year that Barack Obama stepped before the nation to deliver his sixth State of the Union address, Ben Carson—a political newcomer who harbors dreams of soon giving his first—settled into a sofa just a few blocks away. He was eager to hate everything the president was about to say. Carson had come to the Capitol Hill home of Armstrong Williams, a conservative media impresario who officially serves as Carson's business manager and who lately has functioned as Carson's unofficial image-maker and political adviser as well. As the two men turned to the TV, they began dissecting Obama's performance.

"He looks good," Williams said. "He looks clean. Shirt's white. The tie. He looks elegant." "Like most psychopaths," Carson grumbled. "That's why they're successful. That's the way they look. They all look great." For those unfamiliar with the mood of America's far right, casually branding the president a psychopath is exactly the sort of talk that strikes a chord—and just the thing that has made Carson a sensation in the GOP. Today the former pediatric neurosurgeon—who's never run for elected office—is suddenly besting candidates like Jeb, Marco, and Rand in some 2016 polls and preparing to announce his campaign for the White House.
Later the above-linked piece notes that Carson doesn't grasp the "complex" Israeli political system and actually asks, "What is the role of the Knesset?" After a brief tutorial on Israel's various factions, a frustrated Carson sputters, "Why don’t they just adopt the system we have?"

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