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BRITAIN: Killers Of Gay Men Marry Each Other In Federal Prison Ceremony

Last month I reported that two British men convicted for murdering other gay men were to get married in a first for the prison system there. That ceremony took place on Saturday in a maximum security prison in Yorkshire.
Mikhail Gallatinov, 40, and Marc Goodwin, 31, are serving life sentences in the same prison, both for violent and fatal hate crimes against gay men. Their vows stated they were "soul partners" and included promises to be "forever together". The couple were given a plastic knife to cut their small wedding cake, according to the Manchester Evening News. Several convict friends attended the small ceremony along with a few relatives and Gallatinov’s parents. Four prison officers were invited as guests. The ceremony was policed by six on-duty prison officers.

Goodwin is serving an 18-year sentence for what was labelled "a gay-bashing spree", in which he beat a 57-year-old man named Malcolm Benfold to death. He has ten years left to serve, the Guardian reports. Gallatinov - who is also a convicted child molester - is serving a twenty-year sentence for the murder of Adrian Kaminsky(28). He met the man on a gay hotline and was convicted of strangling him. Having served almost eighteen years, he will be eligible to be considered for parole next year. Gallatinov’s parents, who attended the wedding, told the Manchester Evening News that they are "proud" of their son "being a small part of history".
The men do not share a cell and conjugal visits are not permitted. (Tipped by JMG reader Mike)

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