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Chris Cuomo Takes Down Indiana Hater

Mediaite sets up the clip:
New Day host Chris Cuomo, who’s become a one-man wrecking ball over Indiana’s just-passed “religious liberty” bill, confronted Ryan McCann, Policy Director of the Indiana Family Institute, Tuesday morning for his third contentious interview on the subject in the past 24 hours. McCann argued that the bill only ensures protections for religious minorities, something Cuomo said was belied by the presence of anti-LGBT figures at the bill’s signing. McCann said that the statements Cuomo was alluding to had been passed around the internet “by the left.” Things got personal when Cuomo demanded McCann account for the real motives behind the bill, which was supported by “groups like yours, that are Christian-based, with an animus toward the LGBT community. Own who and what you are. There’s nothing wrong with that you’re allowed to believe it but you’re not about Native Americans or people who want liver transplants, right?”
Note that Cuomo has been well-informed on the identities of the haters who stood behind Pence during the bill's signing. As someone said on one of my listservs yesterday, "Chris Cuomo for grand marshal of all the gay pride parades everywhere!"

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