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Hook-Up Apps Users Survey

There's lots of hook-up app news in my in-box this morning. Less grim than robberies and lawsuits is this independent survey of 4000 users of various apps. One of the more interesting tidbits:
45% of Guys Who Actually Meet Don’t Hook Up. In other words, almost half the time two guys meet, one of them says, “Thanks but no thanks.” The high number of bail-outs might surprise some, given that two strangers who’ve spent a fair amount of time trading pictures (including their penises!), texting, and one assumes, sometimes talking on the phone or Skyping, would NOT end up in each other’s arms. On the other hand, it might be understandable given the amount of lying about age, height and weight (see above). If you thought you were meeting a young hottie and the guy that shows up is so old he owes Jesus ten bucks for the lumber, you’re probably going to bail.
Hit the link for more analysis.

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