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Indiana Catholics Applaud RFRA Law

"Until recently, it was simply unthinkable that one person would attempt to force another to act contrary to that person’s religious conscience. While American law and culture reserved the right to act against religious practices when there was clear evidence that they directly endangered the public health and safety, it was simply not acceptable to force a person to choose between God and Government. Notwithstanding the Hobby Lobby decision, this has changed in many respects in many states’ laws and regulations. SB 101 Religious Freedom Restoration Act establishes a legal standard that protects state interests as well as individuals and religious institutions. When there is a compelling state interest in the law or regulation, it must be done in the least restrictive manner thus protecting both the common good while respecting the conscience and religious freedom of all affected. The Catholic Church supports SB 101 RFRA as a prudent way to ensure the religious freedom of Hoosier individuals and institutions." - The Indiana Catholic Conference, via press release. (Tipped by JMG reader Brandon)

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