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LIVE VIDEO: Texas House Committee Hears Bill To Outlaw Same-Sex Marriage UPDATE: Meeting Is About To Start

The scheduled morning meeting never happened. The House State Affairs Committee is now meeting after adjournment of the full House. Watch it live here. You can see Rep. Cecil Bell above in his cowboy hat. The order of the bills is not known, so the marriage bill may not come up right away.

NOTE: This is the original post from this morning and I've moved it up to keep your earlier comments on this thread.

UPDATE: The 13-member committee consists of five Democrats and eight Republicans (including the chair). The Democrats are Giddings, Farrar, Menendez, Oliveira, and Turner. It appears that two or three committee members are not present.

UPDATE II: HB 1745 has 24 House cosponsors. None are on this committee. Follow along on Twitter at #HB1745.

UPDATE III: Things have finally started.

UPDATE IV: After some damn wonderful testimonies from the good guys and the usual crackpot assholery from Texas Values and Concernstipated Women, the bill has been left pending for now. Rep. Cecil Bell, the bill's author, says he will make some "fixes" regarding financial aspects of the bill that were brought up. All in all, things went better than expected.

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