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Quote Of The Day - Matt Barber

"We recently had a guest contributor at BarbWire link to an article that, to our disgust, calls for the 'lawful execution' of homosexuals. It went unnoticed by our editors and was removed once discovered. As we fully expected, a handful of especially virulent homosexual and atheist bloggers had a heyday with it nonetheless. They implied, knowing full well that it wasn’t true, that Christians in general and BarbWire in particular want homosexuals executed.

"Still, in Muslim nations both Christians and homosexuals are persecuted. That’s Islam. Each are systemically jailed, tortured and even executed. Curiously, it’s the same cowardly leftists who disingenuously accuse Christians of 'anti-gay hate' at home who remain silent while homosexuals are, in point of fact, tortured to death by Muslims abroad. In other words, bullies steer clear from picking fights with bigger bullies." - Hate group leader Matt Barber, writing for World Net Daily.

FACT CHECK: Actually Barber has published columns by advocates of the gay death penalty two times. And it's just a flat-out lie to declare that LGBT activists "remain silent" about the executions of allegedly gay men by Islamic terrorists. But after all, these are the words of a jackhole who regularly compares gay Americans to Nazis and calls us "homofascists."

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