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SLOVENIA: National Council Might Force Another Vote On Marriage Equality

Last week the Slovene Parliament voted 51-28 to approve same-sex marriage. Anti-gay groups have already filed for a national referendum, but it turns out there is a more immediate threat from Slovenia's National Council, which Wikipedia defines this way:
The National Council is according to the Constitution of Slovenia the representative of social, economic, professional and local interest groups in Slovenia and has a legislative function working as a corrective mechanism of the National Assembly, although it does not itself pass acts. It may be regarded as the upper house, but the bicameralism is distinctively incomplete.The council has 40 members: 22 representatives of local interests, six representatives of non-commercial activities, four representatives of employers, four of employees and four representatives of farmers, crafts, trades and independent professionals. It is not elected directly by the population, but meant to represent different interest groups in the country. The councilors are elected for a five-year term.
It appears that the National Council can only force the Parliament to take another vote. Slovenes, please weigh in.

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