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Brian Brown: NOM Is Going Global (Because We Can't Win At Home)

Via Buzzfeed:
The National Organization for Marriage is continuing to work towards the creation of an International Organization for Marriage, NOM President Brian Brown told BuzzFeed News in an interview just before the start of NOM’s March for Marriage in Washington on Saturday. Brown has also been working to build formal ties internationally outside of his role at NOM, most notably as a board member of the Spain-based conservative online advocacy platform CitizenGo that now says it collaborates with organizations in 50 different countries. “We’re working with everyone that we can that believes that marriage is the union of a man and a woman all around the world,” Brown said, adding that this was a logical extension of conversations his organization has long participated in with activists in other countries. Brown wasn’t certain of when an International Organization for Marriage would officially launch, but said, “I think there will be a formal launch” at some point.
This isn't exactly breaking news as NOM has recently participated in several anti-LGBT campaigns overseas, most recently in September when Brian Brown attended the World Congress of Families summit at the Kremlin. That event concluded with a formal written call (issued in both English and Russian) for more nations to criminalize homosexuality.

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