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CHILE: Opus Dei Sues LGBT Group For Ownership Of "Opus Gay" Web Domain

The secretive Catholic group Opus Dei has filed a lawsuit against a Chilean LGBT group whose name translates as the Movement For Homosexual Integration & Liberation (MOVILH). The suit seeks control of the web domain and claims that the words "Opus Gay" create confusion in the public's mind and suggest that MOVILH's mission is supported by the Catholic Church. The domain was registered in 2002 and the URL redirects to the group's digital magazine. The suit further claims that the word "Opus" is "inextricably linked to the prelature." The lawyer for MOVILH notes that other sites begin with the word "Opus" and accuses Opus Dei of "irrational homophobia." At the time of the domain's registration Opus Dei filed an objection against the use of  "Opus Gay" as the title of a Chilean print magazine. That demand was granted in 2007.

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