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FLORIDA: Bakery Gets Death Threats After Refusing To Make Cake Reading "We Do Not Support Gay Marriage"

Florida police are investigating alleged death threats after a Christian pastor urged his followers to contact a bakery that had refused to make him a cake reading "We Do Not Support Gay Marriage." Via Mediaite:
Joshua Feuerstein encouraged viewers to call the bakery and and help “expose the hypocrisy” they’re supposedly engaging in. Well, in a parallel of what happened to Memories Pizza in Indiana, Cut the Cake ended up receiving quite a lot of angry messages, including death threats. Sharon Haller, who Feuerstein spoke to on the phone, said, “We started getting some hundreds of phone calls and making very nasty and negative gestures towards our business, towards us.” Feuerstein took down the video at their request, but Cut the Cake posted it online so people could see it, along with a GoFundMe page that has raised, as of this posting, over $2000.
Watch both clips.

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