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INDIANA: Haters Have The Sadz, Allies & LGBTs Say "Fix" Isn't Good Enough

While FRC vice president JP Duffy and other crackpots rend their garments, our side is pointing out that Indiana's RFRA fix isn't nearly good enough. Via Think Progress:
LGBT people in Indiana gain no new rights from the fix: In the wake of the backlash against the original Indiana RFRA law, many LGBT rights groups hope that the state would enact anti-discrimination provisions protecting gay and trans people in Indiana at the state level. The fix includes none of these protections. What that means is that LGBT people who live in cities like Indianapolis will regain the rights they already enjoyed before the state RFRA law took effect, but LGBT people who were unprotected before this law will remain unprotected.
Also dismissing the fix is Angie's List.

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