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IRELAND: Dublin City Council Calls For Removal Of Marriage Equality Mural

Via the Irish Journal:
A warning letter has been sent from Dublin City Council calling for the giant same-sex marriage mural in Dublin city centre to be removed. The letter was issued to artist Joe Caslin, he confirmed to Councillor Mannix Flynn told that the letter concerns the removal of the black-and-white paper mural over a planning issue, and is not due to the content of the mural. Cllr Flynn said that there is “no question” but that the mural will have to removed. He continued: "I’m very much a supporter for the Yes camp, and have been campaigning for a Yes vote. but nonetheless, when you see a building like this and a massive piece this size, the law is the law. If there is a laissez-faire attitude, within a short space of time you’ll see people leasing out and renting out the sides of buildings."
The mural has been an social media sensation since it went up ten days ago. Ireland's marriage referendum is May 22nd.

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