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Jake Tapper Grills Rubio On Marriage

Mediaite recaps:
"You are casting yourself as a candidate of a new generation, but there is an issue where you are very out of step with younger voters,” Tapper said, citing a Pew poll that showed 61% of young Republicans are in favor of same-sex marriage. “On that issue, same-sex marriage, Senator, you’re the candidate of yesterday,” Tapper declared. Rubio began by offering up the same defense that Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) has been known to use, saying that gay marriage is a “state issue” that he would not have to address as president. Also, he added, “I think there’s still a significant number of Americans that believe that the definition of marriage should be that of one man and one woman, as it has been for thousands of years.” “But they’re a minority,” Tapper pointed out.

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