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Laverne Cox On Bruce Jenner

Emmy-winning actress Laverne Cox attended the White House Correspondents Dinner last night as the guest of the Washington Blade, where she was interviewed about Bruce Jenner by MSNBC's Janet Mock.
"I spoke to Bruce today, and they were really pleased with the way things went last night," said Cox, referring to Jenner and Diane Sawyer's ABC News exclusive interview. "I think a lot of people tuned in expecting to see a spectacle, and they tuned in and saw a profoundly nuanced, complicated, beautiful human being," said the Orange Is the New Black star. "I thought ABC handled it really beautifully...I had spoken to Bruce several months back, and the same person I had spoken to on the phone, who really just loves their children so much and wants their family to be happy, was the person I saw on television last night."

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