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MSNBC: Ed Shultz Battles Hater Ryan Anderson, Cuts Off His Microphone

Ed Schultz smacked down Heritage Foundation hater Ryan Anderson last night. Here's the setup:
Schultz pointed to the hypothetical of a gay couple being turned away from a restaurant because of the owner’s beliefs, but Anderson shot back that conservatives don’t actually believe that and accused Schultz of “demagoguing.” They kept fighting after Schultz took a shot at Governor Mike Pence over his personal views on gay people. Anderson said, “You just kept slandering the governor!” Schultz fired back, “I’m not gonna let you filibuster.” When Anderson kept going, Schultz shouted, “Cut his mic off!… We’ll bring him back if he wants to be courteous!” Minutes later Schultz brought Anderson back into the conversation, and he maintained his belief that Pence is a homophobe. Anderson accused him of “name-calling” but Schultz brushed him aside. Schultz concluded by saying, “I apologize for the guy from The Heritage Foundation who can’t have a civil conversation.”

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