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Neo-Nazi Murderer Of Gay Boss: I Hate Gay People And I Have Killed Before

Via Talking Points Memo:
Neo-Nazi Kenneth Morgan Stancil III admitted in an interview on Wednesday to killing his gay boss at a North Carolina college and said he hated gay people "with a passion." During the interview with WRAL reporter Mikaya Thurmond from a Florida jail, Stancil, 20, accused his victim, Ron Lane, of being a child molester and said he felt no remorse for killing Lane and in fact had done "the world a favor." When asked whether he hated gay people, Stancil said: "Yes, I do -- with a passion." He said the fact that Lane was gay was one of the reasons he shot him but not the main reason. Stancil also claimed he'd killed three other people and said he was never caught because he knew the law and knew how to "evade it." Pressed on details, however, he gave vague responses to the reporter. The sheriff's department told WRAL there weren't any unsolved homicides that matched Stancil's descriptions, the Associated Press reported.
Stancil claims that he killed Lane because he'd made a sexual advance on a relative, a claim that was denied by Stancil's own mother, who added that he "needs mental help."

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